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Protecting the President: An Inside Account of the Troubled Secret Service in an Era of Evolving Threats.
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Protecting the President: An Inside Account of the Troubled Secret Service in an Era of Evolving Threats


September 29, 2017: Ep. 558 Debunking the Democrats’ Insane Lies About the Trump Tax

In this episode –
The Republicans finally have a tax cut plan.

And the Democrats are already lying about the Republican tax cut plan.

The truth about the mythical “Clinton surplus,” again!

The truth about the Bush tax cuts, again!

The truth about federal spending.

The truth about federal tax revenue.

Why are Americans being forced to pay for unions they don’t want to join?

The NFL is getting pounded.

The Bonginos Healthy Empanada Recipe:

Makes about 20 empanadas.


  • 2 lbs ground sirloin
  • 2 medium size white potatoes peeled and cut in small pieces
  • 4 oz red and green peppers cut in small pieces
  • ¼ cup chopped white onions
  • 1 cup chopped tomato
  • 1 pack Nasoya egg roll wraps
  • 1 chopped garlic clove
  • 1 tablespoon chopped fresh cilantro
  • 2 packets Sazon Goya with Azafran
  • ½ teaspoon Salt or to taste


  • In large skillet, add the ground sirloin and potatoes breaking up with wooden spoon. Add the packets of Sazon Goya (with Saffron) and salt.  Mix. Cover. Cook for 10 minutes.
  • Add tomatoes, onions, garlic, cilantro and peppers and mix well.  Cover and cook for 10 to 15 minutes or until potato is soft.
  • Mix meat and remove from heat.
  • Add 1 scoop of meat mixture to center of egg roll wrap
  • Roll and place on crisper tray
  • Once all egg roll wraps are done, spray with olive oil
  • Bake at 400 degrees for 10 minutes or until golden.
  • Enjoy!


September 28, 2017: Ep. 557 They Just Can’t Stop Insulting Us

In this episode –
Hillary Clinton is in no position to critique Trump voters.

Are public schools producing more “tolerant” children?

Are police using more lethal force against black subjects?

The Obamacare death spiral continues.


September 27, 2017: Ep. 556 Liberals Are Showing Their True Colors, and it Ain’t

In this episode –
The NFL protests are based on lies gleefully spread by the media and

What does the data say about the murders of black men and women?

What does the data say about policing in the black community?

Liberals think they are winning the long game but last night’s Alabama Senate election shows that the backlash against liberalism is just beginning.

Lebron James thinks you’re an idiot but he expects you to pay his salary and purchase a ticket to see him play.

Is the Bitcoin bubble about to burst?


September 26, 2017: Ep. 555 The Genius of Trump’s NFL Stance

In this episode –

The Left, and the NFL, has fallen right into the trap Trump set for them.

Liberals can’t get their story straight on minimum wage.

Here’s the wage increases you can expect if Trump gets his tax cut.

Winning is never good enough for the Left, they must force you to comply with their demands.

Puerto Rico is in trouble.


September 25, 2017: Ep. 554 A Redline Has Been Crossed

In this episode –

The NFL protests just crossed a redline.

And fans are paying attention.

The anti-American sickness is spreading.

The NFL players are protesting in support of a policy that would hurt the minority community.

Why Obama really spied on Trump.

Obamacare hurts the poor through this massive tax.

The growing danger of a drone swarm attack at the White House.


September 22, 2017: Ep. 553 Debunking the Latest Liberal Whoppers

In this episode –
This article exposes one of the most disingenuous media headlines I’ve ever seen.

Don’t fall for these liberal DACA myths.

There are some problems with the GOP Obamacare replacement bill.

I disagree with this writer’s reasons for stagnating middle-class incomes.

There’s a war going on behind the scenes over this tax cut.

An incredible account of the growing madness on college campuses.

September 21, 2017: Ep. 552 An Explosive Political Scandal is Rapidly Developing

In this episode –

Is this the most explosive political scandal in recent history?

The Left’s growing curiosity about the Trump team is the height of hypocrisy.

Jim Clapper has a lot of explaining to do.

Liberals are lying about the Obamacare replacement bill.

Is there a stock bubble and is it about to burst?

No, there isn’t a national “teacher shortage.”


September 20, 2017: Ep. 551 The Big Distraction

In this episode –
With all due respect to Jimmy Kimmel, what about the rest of us with sick family members priced out of healthcare due to Obamacare?

What is going on at the DOJ? What are they hiding?

Why are people allowing themselves to be manipulated by the “Net Neutrality” crowd?

Another misinformed liberal claiming “white supremacy” caused the Trump win.


September 19, 2017: Ep. 550 Was Trump Right the Entire Time?

In this episode –
Was Trump right the entire time about the “wiretaps,” and does the media owe Mark Levin a huge apology?

Liberals are losing their minds over an op-ed piece promoting hard work and family values.

The Secret Service is collapsing because of inept politicians and poor management, if we don’t fix it soon someone is going to get hurt, or worse.

You should be very concerned about this Fed policy and its impact on your wallet.

Why are illegal immigrants shouting down Democrats? This is a really bad strategy.


September 18, 2017: Ep. 549 Hollywood Elitists Unleashed

In this episode –
Did you know that liberals now consider artistic displays using cotton to be “offensive”?

Barack Obama is in love with Wall Street, now that he can profit from it.

Hollywood lost its mind last night at the Emmy Awards and America continues to tune out.

The NFL continues to allow agenda politics on the field, and Americans are changing the channel.

The Democrats are making a really bad bet on identity politics.


September 15, 2017: Ep. 548 Creeping Socialism

In this episode-
The Liberal media, and liberal politicians, can’t get their stories straight about the costs of healthcare.

New York City wants free lunches for wealthy school students so poor students don’t feel bad?

The media only celebrates women in politics when those women are Democrats.

What is going on at ESPN?


September 14, 2017: Ep. 547 Are We Being Sold Out Again?

In this episode-
If national bankruptcy is staring us in the face, why are we doing so little to stop it?

Why can’t Hollywood-types just act and sing? I’m getting tired of their silly lectures.

The ratings for the NFL keep going down, here’s why.

The federal government raised record tax revenue through August and it still ran a huge deficit.

Shape-shifting bacteria in space? No way!


September 13, 2017: Ep. 546 The 2020 Election Has Already Started

In this episode-
The Democrats want to take away your healthcare and they will make it a signature issue in the 2020 presidential election.

California leads the nation in liberal voters, it also leads the nation in poverty.

The Democrats’ attacks on Trump are blowing up in their faces.

This is a creepy drone story.

Please get rid of this terrible Obama-era initiative on public school discipline.

Massive numbers of people are “cutting the cord.”


September 12, 2017: Ep. 545 The Most Predictable Crisis in American History

In this episode:
This explosive new figure on our national debt should trouble everyone concerned about the future.

This Wisconsin Dairy Queen owner doesn’t care a bit about what liberals think of this.

Another Democrat economist makes a poor case for even bigger government.

I address this article which contains some really terrible ideas about tax policy.


September 11, 2017: Ep. 544 The Day After

In this episode:

Why are liberals pushing another false narrative in a time of national crisis?

The Democrats are losing Catholic working voters in droves, here’s why.

The far-left is growing increasingly dangerous, here’s why we should all be concerned.

Democrats are looking to shut down the free internet, again.

Liberal “writer” Lisa Hymas wants you to believe that looting is a myth, and that you’re a racist.


September 8, 2017: Ep. 543 Liberals and Hollywood Are Now Engaged in an Open War on Religion

In this episode:
Do you hear about this inexcusable attack on a Trump appointee based on her religion?

This poll is really bad news for swamp-rat Republicans.

Was Trump’s debt deal with Pelosi and Schumer better than the GOP alternative?

Another liberal Hurricane Harvey narrative dismantled.

Why are people buying gold again?

Another solid tip for hurricane preparedness.

Is your diet all wrong?


September 7, 2017: Ep. 542 What do Bernie Sanders and Matt Lauer Have in Common?

In this episode:
The Hillary election blame-game reaches a new low.

Hurricane and survival hacks you need to know.

Democrats insist on wasting money on this program while the nation is recovering from, and preparing for, natural disasters.

Sick liberals are hoping Hurricane Irma destroys this facility.


September 6, 2017: Ep. 541 Liberalism is the 8 Minute Abs of Politics

In this episode:
Liberals are still pushing false narratives about the causes of Hurricane Harvey’s damage.

Why is liberalism the “8-Minute-Abs” of politics? In this show I’ll explain.

This Democrat legislator couldn’t answer a simple question of Fox News last night.

Who is really censoring content on the Internet?


September 5, 2017: Ep. 540 Are We a Nation of Laws or Not?

In this episode:
The use of conservative “blacklists” is growing. How can we fight back?

Liberals have it all wrong on DACA and illegal immigration.

The new liberal narrative in their Hurricane Harvey blame-game is building codes.

Liberal states are bankrupting their citizens as Republican Party dominance grows.

A Value-Added Tax is a really bad idea, despite this author’s assertions.


September 4, 2017: Ep. 539 Is Someone Trying to Tell us Something?

In this episode:
Melania Trump expertly trolls media-hacks by doing this.

No, Hurricane Harvey will not be good for the economy. Destruction economics is for fools.

Another liberal Hurricane Harvey “narrative” debunked.

Are liberals ready to abandon identity politics? This liberal writer thinks it’s time.

The Universal Basic Income is still a really bad idea. This study is deeply flawed.


September 1, 2017: Ep. 538 Panic Everywhere on the Left as They Lose the Narrative

In this episode:
Liberals are desperate to change the “narrative” on Hurricane Harvey toone that suites their political agenda.

The media lost the “climate change caused the hurricane” narrative, now they’ve moved on to blaming Texans.

Big news; Trump may be scrapping the DACA program.

Trump is resorting sanity to welfare program by reinstating work requirements.

Why are unions losing members?


August 31, 2017: Ep. 537 Debunking False Media Narratives

In this episode:
Media ghouls never miss an opportunity to politicize a tragedy.

Here’s how much more in taxes your family is paying and we’re still in massive debt.

The economy is growing again, thanks to strong investment numbers.

The National Flood Insurance Program doesn’t work, here’s why.

What the heck is going on at the FBI?

Dem congressman Adam Schiff humiliates himself, again.


August 30, 2017: Ep. 536 Is Politics Downstream of Culture?

The media’s credibility is collapsing to historic lows. Are they paying attention?

While Americans are suffering through Hurricane Harvey, the media is focusing on Melania Trump’s shoes.

Why is Berkeley allowing left-wing thugs to trample the Constitution?

These law professors sparked a liberal firestorm for this paper.

The University of Colorado Colorado Springs responds to a campus group’s proposed ban on military veterans.


August 29, 2017: Ep. 535 The Sickness is Spreading

In this episode:
I debunk disaster economics and expose its proponents.

This liberal entertainer seals his insane legacy with one tweet.

Liberal snowflakes at this university want military veterans banned from the campus.

This longtime Trump aide was just punished.

Is Denmark taking a hard capitalist turn?


August 28, 2017: Ep. 534 More Far-Left Violence, Where’s the Media?

In this episode:
The far-Left doesn’t believe that conservatives have bad ideas, they believe conservatives are bad people.

Why are liberal journalists covering for ANTIFA on social media?

Media coverage of ANTIFA attacks on innocent people.

Dear GOP, where are the tax cuts?

Is the Republican Party dying?


August 25, 2017: Ep. 533 It’s Always Safe to be a Liberal

In this episode:
Why are JP Morgan and Apple donating to a hate group?

The Southern Poverty Law Center is a hate group, nothing more.

The Democrat’s House IT scandal is “a massive, massive scandal.”

Banning water bottles blows up in the liberals’ faces.

Why I’m angry at Mitch McConnell.


August 24, 2017: Ep. 532 The Dangerous Liberal Myth That Just Won’t go Away

In this episode:
The media, and the Left, are lying to you. Racist Democrats did not become Republicans. The “Party Switch” is a dangerous myth.

Why are liberals standing in the way of educational opportunities for young minority students?

Hillary has a new excuse for her election loss – the media did it.


August 23, 2017: Ep. 531 ESPN Just Pushed America off the Stupid-Cliff!

In this episode:
Has the Left reached peak-stupid? You’ll never believe what ESPN did.

Here are two important takeaways from Trump’s fiery speech last night.

Are we approaching a dangerous new era of Internet censorship? This Internet entrepreneur thinks so.


August 22, 2017: Ep. 530 Why Political Elitists Lost America

In this episode:
The polls in this Alabama Senate race are a stunning rebuke to political elites.

This economic policy is destroying the American middle-class and is alienating working Americans.

Our national debt is approaching catastrophic levels.

No, Trump is not bankrupting the Secret Service.


August 21, 2017: Ep. 529 Popping the Media Bubble

The far-Left’s entire political strategy is premised on making you believe that their fringe positions are held by a majority of Americans. Hint; they’re wrong.

The D.C./Media Bubble is reading Trump all wrong. Again!

I’ll debunk the premise of this study showing the economic performance of Democrat and Republican presidents.

Democrats are celebrating a minimum wage study showing it will cause tens of thousands of job losses?

Is the Secret Service bankrupt?


August 18, 2017: Ep. 528 It’s Not About Trump Anymore, It’s About Elections and Freedom

In this episode:

The Left is no longer fighting Trump, they’re fighting against free elections and democracy.

Liberals are now attacking and harassing Trump administration bureaucrats in an effort to take down the administration.

Did the Democrat VA Governor botch the response to Charlottesville?

Can you be arrested for not using transgender pronouns? A California legislator thinks so.


August 17, 2017: Ep. 527 The Alienation of America by Cultural Elitists

In this episode:
Tech companies are acting against “hate speech” and “hate groups.” But,
who gets to define what “hate speech” is?

Here are some examples of the growing list of people stigmatized by liberals for speaking out about issues of concern.


August 16, 2017: Ep. 526 It’s NOT About Confederate Statues!

In this episode:
Liberal efforts to tear the country apart, piece by piece, are intensifying. Their new enemy is Confederate statues but they’ll move on to another to show their political power.

A far-Left website completely obliterates the Russian “hacking” narrative?

Why aren’t you getting a raise despite the economic recovery? This report provides some answers.


August 15, 2017: Ep. 525 The Truth About Charlottesville

In this episode:
Why are liberals, and media figures, lying about terrorism statistics during such a sensitive time?

Yes, “hate speech” is free speech. The far-Left really needs a civics lesson.

Why isn’t the NFL trying to save its brand? Allowing anti-Americanism is going to destroy the NFL.

Hollywood’s business model is also collapsing. Maybe it has something to do with its hostility towards conservatism?


August 14, 2017: Ep. 524 Liberal Double Standards are Making Me Sick

Liberal double standards are sickening. After the horrific attack in
Charlottesville, America deserves better than cheap partisan attacks.

The Philadelphia soda tax is another sad example of the liberals commitment to failed economic policies.

Is your home’s value going to be impacted by tax reform?


August 11, 2017: Ep. 523 The NY Times Humiliates Itself Again

Why did The NY Times mislead its readers about the Trump administration and an environmental report?

Is the Universal Basic Income a bad idea? No, it’s a really bad idea.

The hypocrisy of “environmentalists” is stunning. Read this.

No, “rich kids” aren’t keeping your kids out of college.

You’ll never believe where Trump’s recent approval rating bump is coming from.


August 10, 2017: Ep. 522 Why Washington Elitists are so Out of Touch

Is Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell serious telling Trump to get familiar with his “line of work”?

Devastating survey data highlights the enormous divide between Washington DC elites and the rest of us.

Why are Liberals so concerned about being governed by Trump when being governed by liberals is far worse?


August 9, 2017: Ep. 521 A Genuine Crisis

Are we dealing with sane people in the North Korean crisis?

Why do some people still believe a weak US dollar is a good thing?

Please stop using this debunked statistic about paid family leave.

Some astonishingly bad numbers on Obamacare. But, liberals won’t care.


August 8, 2017: Ep. 520 Unbelievable Examples of Far-Left Hypocrisy

Why are liberal Democrats fighting a corporate tax rate cut that will benefit American workers?

Liberals are losing their minds over a leaked Google memo about “diversity.”

Why are Obamacare supporters still advocating for insurance company bailouts, despite their record revenues?

An interesting piece about both sides of the immigration debate.


August 7, 2017: Ep. 519 The Huffington Post Viciously Attacks Conservatives

Did you see this vicious attack on conservatives in the Huffington Post? I debunk this nonsensical piece using facts, which are anathema to the Left.

The European social welfare state’s taxation model is collapsing, here’s the data.

The far-Left NYC Mayor wants to tax the rich, again!

The NY Times is floating a ridiculous Mike Pence story that requires attention.


August 4, 2017: Ep. 518 Yes, There is a Soft Coup Happening

A detailed account of the deep-state effort to sabotage POTUS Trump.

The West Virginia Governor humiliating Democrats by leaving the Party.

The pitfalls of Universal Basic Income proposals.

And, liberal lies about the Reagan tax cuts.


August 3, 2017: Ep. 517 Must Hear Audio of a Confrontational WH Brief and a Ben Shapiro Debate

Please, if you have just a couple of minutes, would you be kind enough to answer a few questions about the podcast in this survey? It would be very helpful to us. Thank you.
Have you seen the attached video of White House aide Stephen Miller crushing CNN’s Jim Acosta on immigration?

Did the Seattle Mayor collude with a prominent researcher and a PR firm to hide a study about the dangerous effects of minimum wage?


August 2, 2017: Ep. 516 Something Has Got to Give. This Can’t Continue

Obamacare premiums are exploding again but, the media will probably blame Republicans.

A bold proposal from Capitol Hill on immigration?

Do tax cuts cause increased tax revenue? Is Kansas a success story for tax cuts?


August 1, 2017: Ep. 515 Bernie Sanders’ Ridiculous Appearance on CNN

Unbelievably, Bernie Sanders thinks the government can make healthcare costs disappear. Watch this appearance on CNN.

Is Venezuela on the brink of civil war?

It’s really unforgivable what some NATO countries are doing to the US defense industry.

Be careful GOP, the Dems are starting to win in GOP districts.

July 31, 2017: Ep. 514 Trump Draws a Redline

Why are American taxpayers being forced to bail out healthcare insurance companies?

Did a Democrat Senator accidentally tell the truth about Obamacare?

Is the economy getting ready for a boom, or a bust? Here are some interesting signs.

July 28, 2017: Ep. 513 The Republicans Blow it Again

In this episode I address the catastrophic failure of the GOP to do anything about Obamacare. This has to be the most embarrassing political spectacle in modern times.

Is this the first Democrat candidate for President in 2020?

Is tax reform dead too? Can the GOP get anything right?

Is the fake news Trump-Russia story really a Democrat-Russia scandal?

July 27, 2017: Ep. 512 Is it Time for a Third Party?

In this episode I ask the question, “Is it time for a third-party in politics?” With the Republican Party consistently letting voters down, is it time to move on?

The Republican Party better get its act together because we may be looking at another recession. This piece sums up the reasons why.

Here’s another troubling reason the economy is sputtering along and you’re not getting a raise.


July 26, 2017: Ep. 511 Another Incredible Democrat Scandal Being Swept Under the Rug

In this episode I address the GOP’s cowardice in addressing Obamacare’s failures.

I also discuss the Trump announcement regarding transgender people in the military.

I discuss the brewing Democrat scandal involving Pakistani IT professionals.

I discuss the Obama era NSA spying scandal and some breaking revelations which should trouble all of us.

Finally, I address a growing drone threat.


July 25, 2017: Ep. 510 Why Can’t We Have an Honest Debate About Tax Cuts?

In this episode I address the Left’s continued use of a debunked statistic to claim that 22 million Americans will “lose” health insurance if Obamacare is repealed.

I discuss the possibility of a presidential indictment and a personal pardon and the constitutional arguments for both.

I address a path forward for President Trump with regard to his dissatisfaction with Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Was Chipotle sabotaged?

Finally, I address the federal government’s policies on seizing property from citizens.


July 24, 2017: Ep. 509 Why Can’t We Have an Honest Debate About Tax Cuts?

In this episode I address some common misconceptions about tax cuts that are being used by liberals to propagandize the public. Here is a table of tax revenue by source for those who are looking for source.
Finally, I address the savings deficit in the U.S. and what it means to you.


July 21, 2017: Ep. 508 Debunking The Latest Liberal Talking Points

In this episode I address the exploding Net Neutrality debate and I debunk some disingenuous talking points on the issue.

I also discuss the disturbing use of Euthanasia to terminate the lives of people determined to have lived “full” lives.

I discuss the death penalty and the ramifications of supporting it for believers.

Finally, I address a ridiculous story out of Toronto involving a 150k set of stairs in a public park.


July 20, 2017: Ep. 507 Big Government is Collapsing Everywhere

In this episode I address the complete collapse of Medicaid and the absurdity of liberals using Medicaid’s expansion as a reason to keep Obamacare.
I address the failure of two US Senators to stand on principle.
I address the failing big govt agenda in New York City as the public transportation system collapses.

I also discuss the furious liberal attacks against Education Secretary Betsy DeVos as she looks to reform a broken campus justice system.


July 19, 2017: Ep. 506 Don’t Get Depressed, There’s Good News Coming

In this episode I address the GOP broken promises on Obamacare and why the replacement bill collapsed.

I also discuss the continuing liberal love affair with “green energy” despite the failure to meet their own goals.

I address preemption laws in Texas and their constitutional implications.

Finally, I discuss the potential for bold tax reform and how this could transform our economy, and the 2018 midterm elections.


July 18, 2017: Ep. 505 A Stunning Admission That Confirms Conservative Economics

In this episode I address some misinformation about the role of the Secret Service in the Trump Jr. meeting.

I also discuss a stunning admission by the often liberal-leaning IMF about tax cuts.

I discuss big data, facial recognition, and policing technology, and why you should be concerned.


July 17, 2017: Ep. 504 Liberals Scramble to Save Their Narrative

In this episode I address the unbelievable attack on the pro-life movement happening in Hawaii.

I discuss a bombshell new report which questions the integrity of the environmental data the Left has been using to advance their green agenda.

I address the activist group “La Raza” and the reasons behind their recent name change.

I discuss the big data problem, privacy concerns with that data, and the government’s regulatory role in big data.

Finally, I address the scandal developing in Canada around payments made to a man who admitted attacking and killing a US soldier.


July 14, 2017: Ep. 503 The Swamp Wins Again on Spending and Healthcare

In this episode I address the major flaws in the just released Senate Obamacare replacement bill.

I discuss exposing federal budget and corresponding deficits.

I address the disturbing new abortion law in Oregon and the liberal love affair with population control.

Finally, I discuss the economics behind tax cuts and why they can increase tax revenues.


July 13, 2017: Ep. 502 The Plot Thickens?

In this episode I address the curious connections between the “Never-Trump” movement, the Obama administration, and the Russian lawyer behind the latest Trump Russia conspiracy theory.

I discuss the pending Republican Party sellout on tax cuts, which should trouble every conservative.

I address the push by the Trump administration to eliminate a tax deduction that may impact your home’s value, and your tax bill.

Finally, I address the FBI Director nominee’s comments on “torture.”


July 12, 2017: Ep. 501 Debunking the Trump Russia Hysteria

In this episode I address the continued far-left/media fascination with the Trump-Russia conspiracy theory as their motivations for continuing the anti-Trump propaganda effort.

I also discuss how Hillary Clinton’s political team is actually guilty of the crimes the liberal media is disingenuously accusing the Trump team of.

I discuss San Francisco’s decision to not release surveillance tapes of robberies and assaults due to potential “racism.”

Finally, I address some of the reasons behind the troubling spike in mortality among white, working-class Americans.


July 11, 2017: Ep. 500 The Swamp Fights Back on Obamacare?

In this episode I address the DC Swamp’s fierce resistance to Obamacare reform and the disturbing deal they are considering.

I discuss a Russian sanctions provision which is likely to do more damage to the American economy than the Russian economy.

I also debunk a phony liberal talking point about Trump’s voter fraud commission.

I discuss a story about labor special-interest groups and their economically backwards battle with goats (yes, goats) in Michigan.

Finally, I address the unprecedented Democrat obstruction of Trump’s nominees to essential government positions.


July 10, 2017: Ep. 499 A New Low for the Washington Post?

In this episode I address another disgraceful Washington Post hit piece which, unbelievably, tries to pin the blame for the Alexandria attack on GOP congressmen on conservatives.

I also discuss the explosive growth of Bitcoin, how it works, and a renewed interest in it by central banks.

Finally, I discuss another California-Democrat initiative to destroy political freedom.


July 7, 2017: Ep. 498 Warning Signs Ahead for the GOP?

In this episode I discuss the upcoming midterm elections and the warning signs for the GOP.

I also address another eye-opening Obamacare study about its destructive economic impacts.

Finally I address the Reagan tax cuts and I debunk recurrent liberal tax cut narratives which are resurfacing in light of the current tax cut debate.

July 6, 2017: Ep. 497 The Liberal Media Can’t Get Out of Its Own Way

In this episode I address the continued fake news crisis at CNN and their alleged blackmail of a GIF producer.
I also discuss the liberal policy meltdown in blue states using tax revenue data to show the futility of liberal economic ideology.
Finally, I address the economics of green energy and the North Korean crisis.

July 5, 2017: Ep. 496 The Blue State Economic Apocalypse

In this episode I cover the horrifying assassination of another NYPD officer and the actions of her partner which speak to the bravery of our police.

I address the ongoing liberal economic-meltdown in liberal states and the trick blue-state Democrats are pulling on Republicans to destroy them politically.

Finally, I address the failure of liberalism in blue states and the NY Times’ recognition that liberalism has a branding problem.

July 4, 2017: Ep. 495 The Latest Liberal Smear Campaign Exposed

In this episode I address the latest liberal smear-campaign against the NRA and Dana Loesch and the tactics they are using to distract you from their violent movement.

I also discuss the possible Republican capitulation on a major Obamacare tax hike and how liberals are misleading you about its effects.

Finally, I address a few lifestyle stories about diet and stem cell treatments.

July 3, 2017: Ep. 494 Why Trump Does What He Does and More Embarrassing Liberal Fails

In this episode I discuss a theory about why Trump responds to the media in the fashion that he does.
I also address the exploding Illinois budget crisis and why this may be a harbinger for the entire country if we do not change course.
I discuss the California Medicaid crisis and how it relates to the national Obamacare debate.
I also debunk the Democrats’ talking point that Medicaid reform is going to cause “people to die” using updated data.
Finally, I discuss this piece that addresses why some millionaires are receiving Medicaid.


June 30, 2017: Ep. 493 The Media was Busy Imploding Over Trump’s Tweets When This Happened

In this episode I address the curious timing of Trump’s tweet yesterday. While the media was obsessing over the tweet the House was busy passing Kate’s Law and the travel ban was enacted.
I also discuss the political climate behind Obamacare repeal and where Republicans are going wrong on the messaging.
I also address the troubling case of Charlie Gard and the liberal focus on the devaluing of human life.
Finally, I address the broken economics of public financing for sports stadiums. 

June 29, 2017: Ep. 492 Are Republicans Getting Ready to Sell You Out?

In this episode I address the Republican Party’s refusal to address the entitlements crisis worsened by Obamacare.
I also address the attempts by liberal media types to impugn conservatives and attach them to political violence. 
Finally, I discuss a groundbreaking study which debunks liberal talking points on the minimum wage, and the liberal efforts to destroy its credibility. 

June 28, 2017: Ep. 491 A Coverup is Inevitable?

In this episode I address the horrific beating of two tourists on a New Orleans street and the need for self defense training.
I also discuss the possibility of a coverup in the Russian election meddling investigation and why all of the parties involved have a self-interest in making the investigation go away.
Finally, I address a critical choke-point in the Obamacare replacement negotiations and why the political class refuses to tell the truth about it. 

June 27, 2017: Ep. 490 The Fake News Scandal Explodes

In this episode I address an explosive hidden camera recording of a CNN producer acknowledging that there’s no proof of the Trump-Russia connection and that they’re covering it for “ratings.”
I also cover a powerful new study addressing the damaging economic effects of minimum wage on low income employees. This is another example of liberal policies hurting those that they purport to “help.”
Finally, I address the CBO’s GOP Obamacare replacement report and the problems with their analysis, along with the Trump travel ban victory at the Supreme Court.