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September 24, 2018: Ep. 813 It’s Going to Get Really Ugly This Week

In this episode I address the coming chaos surrounding the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. You’ve never seen anything like what’s coming. I also address President Trump’s stunning comments about foreign intelligence involvement in the Spygate scheme. News Picks: This piece addresses the main targets of Bob Mueller’s witch hunt and the… Listen Now…

September 21, 2018: Ep. 812 What Did the Obama White House Know?

In this episode I address the forgotten about connections to the Obama White House in the Spygate scandal. I also address the growing panic among Democrats about the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. Finally, I cover the possibility that the FBI has two sets of books on the Trump case. Listen Now…

September 20, 2018: Ep.811 The Real Reason FBI Officials Are Worried

In this episode I address the real reason the FBI is panicking over the release of their text messages. I also cover the stunning new undercover videos by Project Veritas which expose the tactics of the Deep State. Finally, I address out of control government spending and the Republicans failure… Listen Now…

September 19, 2018: Ep. 810 Did You Catch the Stunning Revelation Last Night?

In this episode I address the real reason the Democrats are demanding an FBI investigation into Brett Kavanaugh. I also address the stunning revelations last night by George Papadapoulos in a live cable news interview? Finally, I address the failures of single-payer healthcare and I debunk liberal talking points on… Listen Now…

September 18, 2018: Ep. 809 Why The Media is Panicking Over The Declassification

In this episode I address the media panic regarding President Trump’s declassification of key documents, and texts, in the Russia case. I also cover the real reason that the FBI is worried about the pending declassification of information regarding their tactics in the Russia probe. Listen Now…

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