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A former Secret Service colleague of mine tragically died from a massive stroke on the Scotland protection mission with President Trump this week. He was only 42 years old. He was a Marine, he was a patriot, and he was a hero to everyone who knew him. He has two young children.

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Latest Podcast Episodes:

July 19, 2018: Ep. 766 Why the Media Keeps Losing to Trump

In this episode I explain why the liberal media continues to lose to President Trump in the public relations battle. I also address the scandalous media suppression of the latest Clinton scandal. Listen Now…

July 18, 2018: Ep. 765 What is the Anti Trump Crowd Hiding?

In this episode I address the continued controversy over the DNC server. I also discuss the suspicious actions of the Mueller probe with regard to the “hacking” narrative. Finally, I debunk myths about Scandinavian socialism. Listen Now…

July 17, 2018: Ep. 764 Another Day, Another Outrage Campaign

In this episode I address the over-the-top Democrat-Media outrage campaign over the Trump-Putin meeting. I also address and debunk comments by socialist Democrat Ocasio-Cortez. Listen Now…

July 16, 2018: Ep. 763 The Democrats Are Panicking

In this episode I address the real purpose of the Mueller indictment of the Russian intelligence operatives. I also discuss the Russian summit and the corresponding liberal spin behind it. News Picks: Does “socialism” work? Here’s Part 2: The information in the Mueller indictment sounds suspiciously familiar. What happened to… Listen Now…

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