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I’m tired of “issues” sections on candidate websites which appear designed to confuse you and leave you with more questions than answers. Rather than a traditional “issues” section, here is my mission statement to you:

If I am privileged enough to earn your vote I pledge to leave the congressional office I occupy less powerful over your life when I leave.

I want to re-empower every American citizen and that can only be done by shrinking the enormous government footprint in your life. The government has creeped into nearly every component of your life and I pledge to shrink its influence on your wallet, your business, your healthcare, your prosperity, your child’s education, and your family’s future.

  • I pledge to vote to increase your take-home-pay by voting for a flat, cronyism-free, tax code which incentivizes explosive economic growth.
  • I pledge to vote to eliminate the scourge of Obamacare and to return control of the healthcare system to you, where it belongs.
  • I pledge to support transformational education reform which returns tens of billions of taxpayer dollars back to local governments so that we can rebuild and restore our education system.
  • I pledge to support life from conception to natural death.
  • I pledge to support your God-given Right to self-protection.
  • I will apply the “absolutely no excuses” approach I used in the Secret Service to make sure that we fix our water problems. I will demand expedited timelines for repairs of the dike, strategic land use north and south of the lake, and the development of new water treatment areas.
  • And, I pledge to never fall in love with the idea of being a congressman. Rather, I pledge to stay passionately devoted to my country, our Constitution, and my children’s, and your children’s, better tomorrow.

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