Volunteer to Help Dan

You do not have to live in District 6 to be part of team Bongino. Join the hundreds of volunteers state wide who are fighting to win back Maryland.

VIDEO: Primary Night Victory Speech

Please, if you have a few spare minutes, take a look at my Primary Election victory speech. Especially the last few minutes where I talk about what, and who, we need to connect to in order to save the country and preserve liberty.

Primary Night Victory Speech
Dan Bongino for Congress in Maryland's 6th District

RECENT: Do everything in your power to fight the DC “insider…

Do everything in your power to fight the DC “insider class”, which is managing the decline of America in exchange…

EVENT: An Evening on the West River with Dan Bongino

Please join Dan Bongino for an evening on the beautiful West River, to be hosted by Dr. and Mrs. Kevin…

October 7 Event with Dan Bongino