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You do not have to live in District 6 to be part of team Bongino. Join the hundreds of volunteers state wide who are fighting to win back Maryland.


“You’re being cheated by politicians interested in you on Election Day, and themselves on every other day.”

Lets send them a message on November 4th.

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Dan Bongino for Congress - Sweeping DC Clean

RECENT: Double-talk

Unfortunately, pointing out hypocrisy and double-talk from this administration is all too easy. While my opponent, and the administration, continue to fail the American people and allow open travel from disease-ravaged countries. more…

Dan Bongino for Congress in Maryland

RECENT: We Know Better.

My opponent sends out mailers. I show up at your door.

My opponent waves from inside a vehicle during parades. I bring a towel to keep the sweat out of my eyes while trying to shake every hand.